About The Clinic

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The-Clinic.com provides a safe, confidential and secure online environment for patients seeking treatment for a varied range of medical conditions.

While we would advise anyone interested in an online service of this type to always consult with their own doctor or healthcare provider first, we recognise that there may be times when a patient finds it more convenient to be able to manage certain aspects of their healthcare at a time and place that is most appropriate for them.

The Co-operative Pharmacy has teamed up with The-Clinic.com to provide their clinical and medical input. The-Clinic.com’s medical services are provided by Freedomhealth Ltd. Freedom Health has been registered with the Healthcare Commission since it started in 2003, moving on to registration with the Care Quality Commission.

Dr Sean Cummings, medical director of Freedomhealth, manages the team of doctors who will be responsible for the diagnosis and treatment for the range of medical conditions that The-Clinic currently provides. A full profile of all the doctors is available on our Meet The Team page.

Dr Cummings philosophy as a doctor revolves around the day to day involvement in a thriving medical practice as well as treating patients remotely. His practice and ethos about providing such a confidential safe service online, that patients can use with complete confidence, revolves around that fact that all the doctors involved in providing the Co-operative Doctor service are "real" doctors looking after thousands of "real" patients.

All the doctors are fully employed as practising physicians engaged with a very broad range of patient problems in the UK.Dr Sean Cummings image

"Real live patients keep you on your toes, make you keep up to date and seeing real patients means that all the regulators such as the General Medical Council, the Care Quality Commission and the Nursing and Midwifery Council make sure you are within the letter and spirit of all regulation and law. This is essential in my opinion and complements us greatly in providing a safe and secure remote online service. Those doctor's who don't see real patients, will quickly de-skill. Seeing patients is an essential privilege of being a doctor. For me if you don't see patients regularly, you should not prescribe, otherwise you just get to see them as numbers and forms. Safety, safety, safety – those are the key words".

Dr Cummings has been a specialist medico-legal adviser to both patients and doctors for nearly 20 years. Along with all his medical qualifications he has a Masters’ degree in medical law and ethics, is an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Leicester Medical School and has been appointed as an Assistant Deputy Coroner. He's been a Prison Medical officer and run a community methadone clinic. He understands that making sure people are safe is absolutely key and sees the Co-operative Pharmacy as a trusted community pharmacy with a great heritage based on ethical and honest values.

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